About Me

When I'm not working at my job at Advance Publications in New York or running errands or sleeping, I like to write. I started my writing career in 4th grade when my teacher Mrs. Hays told me she really liked a book report I wrote and encouraged me to keep on writing. I still remember her kind words and I've been writing ever since. Had a blast editing the high school newspaper and doing the same at college at Wesleyan. Wrote humor columns for USA TODAY for several years and other newspapers and magazines when editors actually liked what I had to say.

I began writing children's books a few years ago with the amazing Neal Porter at Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan). GRANDMA'S SMILE came out in 2010, got great reviews, and enjoyed a stint on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com's children's best-seller charts. MY SNAKE BLAKE arrived in 2012 with hilarious illustrations from Serge Bloch -- and according to a starred review in Kirkus, "just might be the most spectacular pet of all time. Clever, laugh-out-loud fun." 

My latest is ONE PROUD PENNY, (January, 2017), once again from Neal Porter Books, and featuring more fantastic art from the one and only Serge Bloch.