My Snake Blake 

What's green, and slithery, and smooth, and My snake Blake, that's who! When my dad brought him home, he curved and twisted his body and spelled out "hello."

And when my mom was worried he might bite, his response was "relax."

This hilarious story about the friendship between a boy and his rather exceptional pet is brought to life by the simple yet delightful drawings of award-winning artist Serge Bloch.


In The New York Times

"Apart from its title, “My Snake Blake” isn’t creepy at all. Blake the snake is a little boy’s perfect friend right out of the birthday-present box. He calms the boy’s alarmed mother, spelling out reassuring cursive words with his body, and shows himself to be of invaluable service: Blake knows all the boy’s homework answers; helps with batting practice; and even walks the dog, serving as both ­walker and leash. It’s a very boy-centric story; snake-loving girls — seeing the contrast between reluctant mother and eager father, son and male snake — might wish for a snake book of their own."

The Wall Street Journal  

"Blake turns out to be a dream pet; in other words, he does everything that a small boy might dream a pet could do. The snake is able to turn himself into cursive writing—that's how we know his name—as well as play baseball, scare bullies, eat yucky vegetables that the boy drops (on purpose) under the dinner table and answer tough homework questions, such as: "Which British poet wrote Songs of Innocence and Experience?" Serge Bloch's marvelously economical drawings sustain a feeling of high good humor throughout this appropriately long-and-narrow picture book for 3- to 8-year-olds."

Chicago Tribune:

"Blake is the forbidden fruit of pet paradise, the one your parents would never let you get. Blake helps with homework and with unwanted Brussels sprouts, and offers trivia facts about, who else, "Kenny 'The Snake' Stabler." A dream come true."