Grandma's Smile

On a snowy day in the city, a boy gets an important phone call from his grandmother: she’s lost her smile. There’s only one thing to do: fly down south on an urgent mission, stuffed bunny in tow, to find that smile and return it to its rightful place. But he won’t have to look very hard. 


PARADE magazine

“Randy Siegel and illustrator DyAnne DiSalvo perfectly capture the bond between children and their grandparents in this charming picture book about a little boy who sets out to find his grandmother's lost smile.”, Top 10 Books of 2010 for Kids

“Kids who have traveled will identify with all the details and hassles of traveling.” 

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Happy watercolors, wry humor and a fine sense of family will please weary young travelers―and their grandmas.” 

School Library Journal

“DiSalvo's watercolor illustrations bring to life Siegel's self-assured protagonist and his journey from the wintery north to his grandmother's arms.” 

Publishers Weekly

“A wry and contemporary reality check on the going-to-Grandma's genre.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Long-distance grandmothers everywhere will sympathize with Grandma as she searches for her lost smile in her grandson's picture, among his toys and in his bedroom, just as they will rejoice in the pair's loving reunion; those who read this may try a similar trick.” 


“This picture book accurately reflects many kids' experiences of airports, because it emphasizes the tedium of waiting as well as the long hallways, moving walkways, stairs, and escalators traversed. DiSalvo's mixed-media illustrations capture the child's experience with emotional warmth and rewarding attention to detail.”